Saturday, December 20, 2014

Spiritual Snippet -- The Stages of the Ages (An Original Poem)

Since I turned 40 years old this year, I've thought a lot about aging. I don't know when God will take me from this earth, but I pray my death will be quick and peaceful.  I do not wish to die in agonizing pain.  A couple of my close acquaintances passed away this year.  I miss them terribly and wish they were still with us!  The Lord decided to collect their souls early.  What is God's criteria for taking a dead man's soul from this earth? Why does he allow some to die young and others die way into their 80's, 90's, and above?  I think those questions will always remain a mystery.......

I pray for those who have lost loved ones during this Holiday Season.  It's a particularly hard blow because it may be the only time of the year we see our families and friends.  

In my opinion, aging gracefully is one of the keys to internal happiness.  If we accept our bodies as God created them, with all of their age-related ailments and imperfections, we prevent so much useless worry. A time comes in life when we are simply not  teenagers anymore!  We must accept this fact and move forward.  Men will always be attracted to the young and the pretty; women likewise.  Our first inclination is to become jealous and resentful. No need for this!  Someone will always be older than us and younger than us. As Christians, we learn to accept others as children of God no matter their age group.

 How holy is youthfulness versus oldness? Both are just as holy. Not one is better than the other even if society thinks youthfulness is the gold star.  

Here's a poem I'd like to share on aging:

The Stages of the Ages (An Original Poem)

Youth is fleeting;
Aging is self-defeating;
Death is unappealing;
What's my stage in life?

I'm an awkward teen;
Miserable and moody;
Experiencing growing pains;
With limited duties.
I want to party;
I want to get high;
I'm smarter than everybody;
Top of my class.

I'm a twenty-something;
Graduated with a degree.
Pumped up with self-love;
For success is guaranteed!
Everybody praises me;
Enlarging my pride;
I go into the work force;
And expect an easy ride.
I can't slack off;
I can't get mad;
I have to work hard;
And keep my head out of  sand.
Now is the real world;
Where thank-yous are rare.
Just smile and be patient;
Life isn't  fair!

Middle age approaches;
Faster than it should.
The body slows down;
I feel misunderstood.
People dismiss me;
I guess I'm getting old.
Nobody wants to hire;
A health risk, that's for sure.
I'm full of wisdom;
Living for so long.
I know how to answer a question;
A youth will get wrong.

Crippled in a walker;
Unable to hardly move.
I've lived many decades;
And learned a thing or two.
Everybody ages;
Nobody can fight death.
We must live our lives;
With faith, love and respect.
Remember God our creator;
Throughout our stages in life.
He never abandons us;
In good times and in strife.

Aging gracefully is a virtue,
Something hard to accept;
Our skin will always wrinkle, 
As our bodies become inept;
Society will frown;
Deciding the old is trash.
This simply isn't true;
Age is wisdom with sass!

Don't let aging bring you down;
It happens to all  brethren;
Remember the ultimate goal of life;
To reach the beauty of heaven!

Mary, Mother of God, Pray for Us!



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